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The Puzzles of St. Patrick
A new story from Ellen Nibali

When a boy is stolen and sold into slavery in Ireland, how can he escape? And why would he ever return?

A picture book filled with action, suspense and answers.

• Who was St. Patrick?
• What puzzles did he have to solve?
• What do shamrocks mean?







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The Puzzles of St. Patrick
Written by Ellen Cook Nibali

Illustrated by Lon Eric Craven

32 pages, Full Color,
8 ½ x 11 Hardback Edition, Ages 5 and up.

Reviews and Kudos

"...the challenges ("puzzles") that Patrick faced...and how he solved them. The vocabulary is simple enough for children in the early inspiring tale of a man whose religious and cultural contributions to Ireland are immeasurable."

J. Chambers, Georgia

Amazon Hall of Fame reviewer

"...a most enjoyable children's biography...Both the story and illustrations are wonderful... full of historical information and not too long for children to read. This book beautifully and creatively describes the life of St. Patrick."
R. Hammond, administrator

5th grade teacher, Maryland